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Last updated: 2019-05-11

# Filename Description Status
0 event00.szp (NOTHING) Unknown
1 event01.szp Meeting E. Gadd in the Parlor. Used
2 event02.szp Portrificationizer Room E. Gadd's dialogue. Used
3 event03.szp Talking to Melody Pianissima. Used
4 event04.szp Talking with the Toad in the Courtyard. Used
5 event05.szp (NOTHING) Unknown
6 event06.szp (NOTHING) Unknown
7 event07.szp Gold Ghost in the Foyer cutscene. Used
8 event08.szp Talking with E-Gadd in The Lab. Used
9 event09.szp E-Gadd's dialogue in the Training Room. (1st time) Used
10 event10.szp E-Gadd's dialogue in the Training Room. (Every time after) Used
11 event11.szp Talking with E-Gadd after a boss battle. Used
12 event12.szp Finding The Ice Element Medal. Used
13 event13.szp Waiting for the Twins to hide in their boxes. Used
14 event14.szp When Lydia notices the draft from the open window. Used
15 event15.szp Talking with E. Gadd before entering the Study. Used
16 event16.szp When trying to enter the Secret Altar. (Boo-Check: 40) Used
17 event17.szp Talking with the Toad in the Foyer Used
18 event18.szp Finding Mario's shoe Used
19 event19.szp Finding Mario's letter Used
20 event20.szp Finding Mario's star Used
21 event21.szp Finding Mario's hat Used
22 event22.szp After waking up Chauncey. Used
23 event23.szp When talking with Mr. Bones for when Spooky gets noisy. Used
24 event24.szp Talking about the Hide'n'Seek minigame with Twins. Used
25 event25.szp Guest Room gets flipped. Used
26 event26.szp E-Gadd's dialogue in the lab. (Alternate Version) Unused
27 event27.szp Activates Shivers. (The Butler) Used
28 event28.szp Talking to E-Gadd in The Gallery. Used
29 event29.szp Talking to E-Gadd via the GBH after catching a Boo. Used
30 event30.szp Going down The Clockwork Room elevator. Used
31 event31.szp Chauncey's door cutscene. Used
32 event32.szp Talking with the Toad on the Balcony. Used
33 event33.szp Talking to Jarvis. Used
34 event34.szp After freezing Miss Petunia in the shower. Used
35 event35.szp Storage Room sliding wall cutscene. Used
36 event36.szp Talking with Madame Clairvoya. Used
37 event37.szp For when Madame Clairvoya shows her heart. Used
38 event38.szp Talking to Vincent Van Gore. Used
39 event39.szp (BOOK) Nana's Mouldy Old Journal. Used
40 event40.szp Going up The Clockwork Room elevator. Used
41 event41.szp Finding Mario's glove. Used
42 event42.szp Speaking with E-Gadd after a boss battle. Used
43 event43.szp Being teleported back to The Ghost Portrificationizer Room. Used
44 event44.szp When The Blackout occurs. Used
45 event45.szp Pulling the lever to end The Blackout. Used
46 event46.szp Mario trapped in portrait cutscene. Used
47 event47.szp When trying to enter The 1F Washroom. (Boo-Check: 5) Used
48 event48.szp When entering The Mansion. Used
49 event49.szp Henry and Orville's Hide'n'Seek minigame. Used
50 event50.szp After shooting the ball at Chauncey. Used
51 event51.szp (UNKNOWN) "Activates Flag 19" Unknown
52 event52.szp Talking with E-Gadd after returning from the final battle. Used
53 event53.szp Talking with a Boo that just appeared. Used
54 event54.szp Finding the Fire Element Medal. Used
55 event55.szp (BOOK) Book of Riddles. Used
56 event56.szp (BOOK) Neville's Big Baby Care Diary. Used
57 event57.szp (BOOK) Darkness is Their Cheese! Used
58 event58.szp (BOOK) Book of Pericles. Used
59 event59.szp (BOOK) E-Gadd's Guide to Ghosts. Used
60 event60.szp (BOOK) Lydia's Child-Care Diary. Used
61 event61.szp Putting out the purple lights in Parlor. Used
62 event62.szp (UNKNOWN, NOTHING?) Unknown
63 event63.szp Talking with the Toad in The Toilet 2F. Used
64 event64.szp Chauncy's Arena - Intro Cutscene. Used
65 event65.szp When confronting Bogmire's tombstone Used
66 event66.szp Bogmire's Arena - Intro Cutscene. Used
67 event67.szp When returning to The Mansion after beating a Area Boss Used
68 event68.szp The Observatory telescope cutscene Used
69 event69.szp Disturbing the Boo's sleep cutscene. Used
70 event70.szp Finding the Water Element Medal. Used
71 event71.szp Confronting the spinning ring of Boo's at The Balcony. Used
72 event72.szp Boolossus's Arena - Intro Cutscene. Used
73 event73.szp Meeting King Boo in the hallway to the Secret Altar. (Boo-Check: 40) Used
74 event74.szp Talking with King Boo before the final battle. Used
75 event75.szp Fake Bowser in portrait Cutscene. Used
76 event76.szp Lighting up all the candles in the Astral Hall. Used
77 event77.szp Game Boy Horror - Furniture Descriptions. Used
78 event78.szp Game Boy Horror - Ghost Heart Descriptions. Used
79 event79.szp Looking at Gallery Portraits. Used
80 event80.szp Talking to E-Gadd after one of the boss fights. Used
81 event81.szp Lighting Shivers's candles when he's wandering around Used
82 event82.szp Talking with Vincent Van Gore. Used
83 event83.szp Falling from the chimney into The Sealed Room. Used
84 event84.szp When turning the water off in The Pipe Room. Used
85 event85.szp Talking with the Boo in The Attic Hallway (Boo-Check: 20) Used
86 event86.szp Waking Sue Pea by spraying water on her for the 3rd time. Used
87 event87.szp Gameboy Horror Scan of Sue Pea (1st time) Used
88 event88.szp Talking to E-Gadd via the GBH after The Final Battle. Used
89 event89.szp After setting fire to the campfire under Sir Weston's ice block. Used
90 event90.szp Defeating fake Bowser cutscene. Used
91 event91.szp When getting advice from E-Gadd via the GBH in the Bathroom 1F. Used
92 event92.szp (UNKNOWN) "Activates Flag 11" Unknown
93 event93.szp Talking to a Toad via telephone. Used
94 event94.szp Talking to E-Gadd via telephone. Used
95 event95.szp Golden Rat 1 spawner. Used
96 event96.szp (UNKNOWN) (Boo-Check: 20) Unknown
97 event97.szp Golden Rat 2 spawner Used
98 event98.szp Golden Rat 3 spawner Used
99 event99.szp Golden Rat 4 spawner Used
100 event100.szp Golden Rat 5 spawner Used
101 event101.szp (UNKNOWN) "Deactivates Flag 198" Unknown