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Please note that this is Work in Progress, information may be incomplete, inaccurate and even invalid. Contributions can be posted in the LMHack Forums, you will be credited appropriately, thanks.

Credits to: nya - Documentation | TheHappyFaceKing - Audio.

Last updated: 2019-04-24

# Description Status Audio
0 Gold Ghost Cutscene (Foyer) USED
1 Meeting E-gadd in the Parlor (Parlor) USED
2 SMB3 Underwater Theme for Piano Quiz (Conservatory) USED
3 SMB3 Overworld Theme for Piano Quiz (Conservatory) USED
4 Totaka's Song for Piano Quiz (Conservatory) UNUSED
5 Portraits Cutscene (Parlor) USED
6 Telescope Cutscene (Observatory) USED
7 Luigi Humming (Multiple Rooms) USED
8 Training Room Music DARK (Training Room) USED
9 Chauncey's Door Cutscene (Chapter 1 Hallway) USED
10 First Visit to Mansion Cutscene (Foyer) USED
11 Talking with Toad (Multiple Rooms) USED
12 Toad Turning The Lights On (Multiple Rooms) USED
13 Training Room FINISHED (Training Room) SFX USED
14 Training Room LIGHT (Training Room) USED
15 Chauncey Battle Intro (MAP10) USED
16 Chauncey Battle Theme (MAP10) USED
17 Play's during Bogmire Appearing Cutscene (Graveyard) SFX USED
18 Bogmire Appearing Cutscene (Graveyard) USED
19 Bogmire Battle Theme (MAP13) USED
20 Boolossus Battle Intro (Balcony + MAP11) USED
21 Mario Fanfare (Unknown) UNUSED
22 Boolossus Battle Theme (MAP11) USED
23 Melody Pianissima Battle Theme (Conservatory) USED
24 Talking with Toad (Multiple Rooms) USED
25 Portrification Process REGULAR (Portrificationizer Room) USED
26 After Area Boss (Multiple Rooms) USED
27 Portrification Process REVERSE (Portrificationizer Room) USED
28 EMPTY (Unknown)
29 Game Ending Cutscene (Portrificationizer Room) USED
30 Portrait Ghost Talking (Multiple Rooms) USED
31 Portrait Ghost Minigame (Multiple Rooms) USED
32 Portrait Ghost Battle (Multiple Rooms) USED
33 Talking with Chauncey (Nursery) USED
34 Gameboy Horror Ringtone (Multiple Rooms) USED
35 Talking with E-Gadd using Gameboy Horror (Multiple Rooms) USED
36 Fake Wall Slides Back (Storage Room) USED
37 Hidden Chest is Revealed (Pipe Room) USED
38 Lighting Up All Candles (Astral Hall) USED
39 Collecting Mario Painting Cutscene (Secret Altar) USED
40 Mario in Painting Cutscene (Bottom of the Well) USED
41 Short & Wierd Drum Loop (Unknown)
42 Mario in Painting Cutscene SHORT (Bottom of the Well) USED
43 Sue Pea shouts "GOO AWAYYY" + Room Flips (Guest Room, Sitting Room) USED
44 Being sent to the Foyer by a Boo (Multiple Rooms) USED
45 Disturbing the Boos' Sleep Cutscene (Storage Room) USED
46 Catching a Boo (Multiple Rooms) USED
47 Less Than 45 Boo's Cutscene (Basement Hallway) USED
48 Less Than 20 Boo's Cutscene (Attic Hallway) USED
49 Talking with King Boo (Secret Altar) USED
50 Bowser Battle Intro (MAP9) USED
51 Bowser Battle Theme (MAP9) USED
52 Sucked into Bowser Painting (Secret Altar) USED
53 Mario's Star Appears (Observatory) USED